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It's an unfortunate fact: some companies are unscrupulous. When you need a trustworthy and honest evaluation the most, some companies will mislead you about your needs or attempt to bully you into buying more than you need in order to make the most profit possible. It's not fair and you shouldn't feel trapped by these questionable practices.

At Air-Kare, we value all of our customers and always treat each and every one with honesty, respect, and integrity. If you feel like your current service company may be giving you information with less-than-honest intentions, give us a call. We'll give you a free, written second opinion on any major repair or system replacement. Doesn't it just make sense before you hand over your hard-earned cash to make sure that the work you've been told you require is actually necessary and that the price you've been given is fair? We think it does, and we're so sure that you'll think so as well that we offer this free second opinion to everyone in our service area.

We call it "Peace of Mind" - no strings attached, no obligation whatsoever.

Contact us today.

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