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You Deserve to be Comfortable


Whethering it's the sweltering heat of summer, or the bone-chilling cold snaps that pop up during our winters, New Orleans knows extremes in temperatures. That doesn't mean that your home has to, though. If your current a/c or heater isn't making you as comfortable as you'd like, why suffer? Air-Kare A/C Co., Inc. has been in business for nearly 40 years, providing quality, affordable service to all of Southeast Louisiana! Contact us today!

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Do you want discounts on service, news and tips to keep your A/C in tip-top shape and away from costly repairs, and cool news and happenings in Southeast Lousiana? How about an easy way to direct message your premiere A/C and Heating company with questions and concerns?

Of course you do!

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Humidity can kill... your A/C

After the bone-chilling cold in January of 2018, it looks like January of 2019 may be shaping up to be warmer and wetter than usual here in Southeast Louisiana. With that, as anyone who lives here knows, comes increased moisture in the air, also known as Learn More - Click Here!


It can be difficult to know when you're dealing with a less-than-honest service company. Does that estimate you just received from another HVAC company seem a little 'off'? CLICK HERE to find out how we can help!

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